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Transshipment of bulk cargoes agricultural cultural
Transshipment of bulk cargoes agricultural cultural - фото 1 Transshipment of bulk cargoes agricultural cultural - фото 2
Добавлено: 25 мая 2021, 14:41

Transshipment of bulk cargoes agricultural cultural

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Шония Ирина
на Флагма с 25 мая 2021


Good afternoon!
I am the head of the freight forwarding company Bingotrans LLC, which provides integrated logistics services, including international freight forwarding by rail and road, storage and transshipment of goods.
At the moment we have a warehouse of 650 square meters in Brest city, we have experience in reloading industrial wood and bulk cargoes of agricultural crops. We have the ability to receive and unload covered wagons loaded with bulk, bags and big bags. Unloading of grain carriers is possible. The warehouse is equipped with an automobile ramp, which allows loading auto of any kind.
We offer cargo delivery of any volume at the optimal time, regardless of the points of shipment and destination. We practice an individual approach to a client and comprehensive solution to the tasks assigned to us.
If you have actual requests for the transportation of your goods, I suggest checking our prices, which we are always ready to discuss. We are ready to communicate under the terms of payment. I am sure we will find solution that will be beneficial for both parties.
Best regards, Director of Bingotrans LLC Shonia Irina!
+375293464591 (WhatsApp)

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на Флагма с 25 мая 2021

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