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Wood pellets (fuel).
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Добавлено: 10 октября 2020, 17:54

Wood pellets (fuel).

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от 75 /штука
Захаренко Илья Игоревич
,  Москва, RU
на Флагма с 22 апреля 2019


Our company is engaged in the production and sale of grade A2 pellets.
We produce pellets from environmentally friendly coniferous wood species. Our granules have high performance characteristics such as: low ash content (0.4 - 0.7%), low humidity (up to 10%), calorific value (? 16.5 MJ / kg), diameter 6mm. The main the difference between gray and light pellets is the presence of some additional impurities (like bark). At the same time, the level of ash content and heat of combustion is at a similar level, without significant deviations. We deliver in big bags (1200 kg) for export to the territory of the Russian Federation. You can also pick up our products by self-pickup from our warehouse.

Номер объявления: 1731670   |  просмотров: 4  
,  Москва, RU
на Флагма с 22 апреля 2019

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